Transfer Pricing

Our Transfer Pricing Division assists Indian and Multi-National Corporations develop and implement economically justifiable transfer pricing policies and documentation. Our team will work closely with you, to help manage the tax impact of your domestic as well as cross-border related party transactions. Together, we will explore an effective, integrated organization wide strategy for managing many complex Transfer Pricing issues involved with inter-company transactions involving goods, services and intangibles.


  • TRANSFER PRICING DOCUMENTATION – We assist corporations to design and implement compliance policies, and prepare robust documentation
  • TRANSFER PRICING PLANNING & SUPPLY CHAIN STRUCTURING – We provide assistance in developing and implementing viable Transfer Pricing policies, harmonization of existing Transfer Pricing policies, adopting new Transfer Pricing structures or alignment of prices with business restructuring.
  • FILING OF AUDIT REPORT WITH THE INDIAN TAX AUTHORITIES – We assist you with a full array of documentation services, including function, asset and risk analysis, industry overview, bench marking study, preparation and issuance of accountant’s report, customized to your specific needs
  • LITIGATION SUPPORT / TRANSFER PRICING CONTROVERSY MANAGEMENT – Team will work with you to develop strategies and appropriate practices to manage the audit/appeal proceedings
  • FIN 48 ASSISTANCE – We provide assistance to determine and quantify your FIN 48 Transfer Pricing exposure and uncertain tax position.
  • ADVANCE PRICING ARRANGEMENTS – We can assist preparing a robust Transfer Pricing policy aligning with business and commercial substance along with deciding on various documents and information that need to be shared with tax authorities during the course of negotiating and implementation of an APA program.
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